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GATTACA: 25 Years On

June 30, 2022 • Posted in Blog

Joyce A. Shelton, Ph.D. Professor of Biology Emerita Trinity International University

(Editor’s Note: The Tennessee Center for Bioethics & Culture screened GATTACA at the end of June at the international bioethics conference held by the Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity at Trinity International University. Dr. Shelton presented opening remarks, which, lightly edited, are presented here.)

The movie, GATTACA, is entertaining to watch as is, but is also rife with symbolism and subtle—and some not so subtle—philosophical messages. 25 years on: it has proved to be prescient in a number of ways.

GATTACA depicts a dystopian world in which there is a new type of social more

Philadelphia Abortion Clinic Horror: Column —

April 14, 2013 • Posted in Atlas

By Kirsten Powers

Originally published 11 April 2013

We’ve forgotten what belongs on Page One.

Perils of Newborn Screening — Scientific American

July 3, 2012 • Posted in Atlas

Doctors may be testing infants for too many diseases.

By Ariel Bleicher

2 July 2012

The Ovolution of the Three-Parent Embryo

June 17, 2012 • Posted in Blog
By D. Joy Riley, M.D., M.A. Executive Director The Tennessee Center for Bioethics & Culture The United Kingdom presented the rest of the world with Louise Joy Brown in July, 1978, the first test-tube baby.  They convened what became known as the Warnock Committee to advise Parliament regarding the new reproductive technologies:  “what policies and safeguards should be applied, including consideration of the social, ethical, and legal implications of these developments, and to make recommendations.” (Warnock, A Question of Life, 4.)  The Warnock Committee by a slim margin approved a variety of reproductive adventures, including more

The Baby Chase —

February 14, 2012 • Posted in Atlas

By Lana Rose Diaz–women-are-freezing-their-eggs-?instance=lead_story_left_column

Landmark ruling ends sperm and egg donor anonymity in B.C. — The Globe and Mail

June 3, 2011 • Posted in Atlas

IVF with a gentle touch — The Independent

May 3, 2011 • Posted in Atlas

France rules against children of surrogate mothers — Washington Examiner

April 6, 2011 • Posted in Atlas


Stateless twins live in limbo — The Times of India

February 2, 2011 • Posted in Atlas

New Year, New Dates; Not-so-New Challenges

January 25, 2011 • Posted in Blog

Unlike people, all dates are not “created equal.”   My young nephew who was born on September 11th is learning by association that actions have consequences.  On the January date a friend of mine blows out his birthday candles, our nation will mark a wedge that has divided us for nearly four decades.  Since the Roe v. Wade decision on January 22, 1973, approximately 52 million embryos and fetuses have been “chosen” not to be born.  Our nation alone has aborted 52 million future citizens.

In some macabre way it seems fitting that abortion is in the news this week, although the more