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Scottish scientists grow kidneys in a laboratory — Daily Record

April 12, 2011 • Posted in Atlas

By Charlie Gall

NICUs May Be Source of Donor Organs — medpage TODAY

January 7, 2011 • Posted in Medicine & Health

Legal highs: the dark side of medicinal chemistry — naturenews

January 6, 2011 • Posted in Atlas

Sale of human organs should be legalised, say surgeons — The Independent

January 5, 2011 • Posted in Atlas

Kidney swap project aims to cut transplant wait time — msnbc

November 23, 2010 • Posted in Atlas

Group Defines ‘Medical Spending’ Under Reform Law — medpage TODAY

October 22, 2010 • Posted in Health Care Reform

The Professional Guinea Pig — BioEdge

September 15, 2010 • Posted in Atlas

Scientists find new superbug spreading from India — Reuters

August 11, 2010 • Posted in Atlas

Some PD Dyskinesia Linked to Serotonin

July 22, 2010 • Posted in Medicine & Health

After fetal tissue transplants for Parkinson’s disease, “most patients” after a time experienced involuntary movements:  the cause?

Article by

Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today Published: June 30, 2010

Effects of low-field magnetic stimulation on brain glucose metabolism

May 14, 2010 • Posted in Medicine & Health