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Belgian court approves “wrongful life” — BioEdge

December 4, 2010 • Posted in Atlas

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I’m worried that my husband, who has donated sperm, may be traced by his biological offspring — The Telegraph

November 22, 2010 • Posted in Atlas

Baby Makers — China Daily

October 21, 2010 • Posted in Asia

Cyprus clinic at centre of human egg trafficking probe — AFP

September 14, 2010 • Posted in Asia

Surrogacy bill looks to protect child’s interest

May 24, 2010 • Posted in Atlas
Manoj Mitta, TNN, May 23, 2010, 05.22am IST

In glass houses

April 12, 2010 • Posted in Born Human

This spring, only two of the fifty tulip bulbs I planted sent leaves out of the sod; but I have noticed tulips elsewhere.  Perhaps the most remarkable have been those in glass planters, with roots, stems, leaves, and blossoms fully visible.  The tulip in this picture was in a glass container on a London restaurant table in December:  out of season, but lovely, nonetheless.

The term, in vitro, from the Latin means “in glass,” signifying an artificial environment.  In vitro fertilization has been a fact of the cultural landscape since 1978.  We have become accustomed to hearing about  “ivf more

Fatal Attraction? On the Risk of Incest for Children of IVF

April 12, 2010 • Posted in Born Human

Melanie Unruh, R.N., B.S.N.

Intern, Tennessee Center for Bioethics and Culture

February 2008

As the month of love rolls in, we are inundated with stories of romance on television, in the news, and even in forwarded e-mails. Among the stranger stories are those like the December report of British twins who unwittingly married each other. Such stories have been the basis of ancient literature as in the legends of King Arthur, or in the current cultural icon of the soap opera. While this story is based on a single reference lacking in detail, its introduction in a debate in the British House of more

Infanticide, indigenous

April 12, 2010 • Posted in Born Human